2018.03.18 ¡ATENCIÓN!

These last couple of weeks the weather has been devastating. Cold, windy and lots of rain. Lots of rain. And even more rain. For the reservoir at La Viñuela it was a boon. Reserves went up with a year’s water for the city of Malaga.

Driving along the small roads we already noticed that rocks and sand had come down from many a hillside. Until we came across this sign (picture) at the roundabout at the end of the village: Attention! Road MA-4108 from Salares to Archez cut off. Sorry for the inconvenience.

From the caretaker of our house we learned that a hole as big as a house had been washed away by the rain where the road takes a dive between two hills. From an acquintance, who lives near Polop (close to Benidorm, Costa Blanca), we already knew how desvastating those torrential rains can be. In march 2017 not only did trees came crashing down the hill where he lives, a large chunk of the road to Polop was washed away. It took half a year to repair it and he had to detour 20 kilometers to get to the coast.

This weekend, in Almuñécar, a part of the rocky beachside washed into the Mediterranean, including some peaces of concrete covering the wall that borders the boulevard. By the end of this week, they promise, the weather will gradually improve. Lets hope for the best.


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