2018.04.26 Windmills and dead cactuses

The hills that carry the windmills you see in the picture border the Atlantic Ocean. There literally are over a hundred of them. They are all the same and probably at least 100 meters high.

The reason why these mills are there is obvious. There are always strong winds on this coast. And a lot of rain. As you can see from the beautifully green pasture. The two are a friendly match.

Next best are the dead cactuses you can see in front at the bottom of the picture. There is no relation with the windmills. The cactuses are all dead because of a small beetle, the conchinilla del carmin, which originates from Mexico. In 2015 eighty percent of all the chumba cactuses in Spain have been affected. If the beetle isn’t properly destroyed it will return every year with the rising temperatures.


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