2018.06.12 The biggest joy

Today we traveled north to be able to celebrate the birthday of the eldest one tomorrow. Such a delight now he is getting a bit older that he can really enjoy our visit and was anticipating our coming almost as much as he is anticipating his birthday.

Coming out of school he started talking and that little mouth hardly stopped until it was time for bed.

We took him to the shopping mall to buy a present together. One of the things that is always giving him pleasure is traveling by metro. So even when walking is about as far as going that one stop by the subway, we started with that of course.

After finding a very practical present (a new cover and sheet for his bed) we went to several parques (playing grounds) and ate an ice cream together.

All 3 of us had a really good time. The funniest part being of course that Diego told us at least 10 times that his birthday is tomorrow. Just in case we would otherwise forget. 🙂


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