2018.08.03 A declaration of love

On a regular basis I read books about personal development. The latest is “Living by Design” by Nisandeh Neta. One of the advises in that book is ‘do new things’.

From my own experience I now know that this is a very good advice. I have believed for the last couple of years that Tom and I had a really good relationship. Which we did. There is no doubt about that.

But at the moment we have a fantastic relationship. It’s better than ever before. And I know that this is due to the big changes we have gone through these past 8 months.

It is so great to start an adventure together and  enjoying every minute of it. Meeting new people. Traveling. Discovering new behavior in each other. It was a big step selling the house without knowing where we would go to, except that the road was heading south.

I love Tom and I love my life. <3


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