2018.08.05 Hunting grounds

There are not many alternative roads we can walk on around the house. One way or the other we pass a dry riverbed. There stands the sign of this picture. It says: coto privado de caza.

This means: private hunting grounds. Most of the times when we pass this sign, we see rabbits running away on the left and right banks of the riverbed. Last week we saw a small van close to where the sign is and a man walking through the field in the rear with a gun in his hands. We already heard the shots from some distance. But we did not actually see him kill any rabbits.

Regardless of the despicable hunting habbits they conduct here in Spain (or anywhere else for that matter), this man has no respect whatsoever for the hunting grounds which he claims to be his. The banks of the river are full of garbage. Why is that no surprise?


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