2018.11.18 Smugglers Route

The black pencil lines are the only evidence that there is ice on the water. It was a freezing cold day today, so we decided to walk one of our famous hikes: The Smugglers’ Route. Half of the route is in Holland, the other half in Belgium. It’s a walk of about two hours.

The woods are in late autumn colors. A combination of yellow, brown, green and some patches of red. Because the summer and early autumn have been extremely dry, there are hardly any mushrooms. But the air is fresh and the sun was shining most of the time. Many people shared our hike, so it was really cosey. There were even some horses and hounds.

With a fresh nose and warm from a stiff walk we took a cup of hot cocoa with a high tower of whipped cream on top. Winter in Holland. Not a thing to get your nose up for.


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