25 tips for your spare time

Lately I had been working so hard that I totally forgot what to do when I had time off. So these tips are a reminder of all the great things to do to relax in my spare time. Once I started the list (the plan was to make a list of 10 tips) it was pretty easy to come up with a lot more. And I hope you will add your great tip(s) as well.

1. Spend time with your better half

Both my husband and I are solo entrepreneurs working from home. Being in the same building the whole day is no guarantee you really connect to each other. So we make it an effort to do things together with full attention for each other.

playing a game in spare time2. Play

Play a game with your (grand)kid, a friend or with the neighbor kid. Play around with things you find. Try to remember what the movements were of old nursery rhymes and relive them.

3. Sauna

Go to the sauna. This can be a quick visit for one or two hours. Or make it a whole day with some beauty treatments or solarium tanning.

4. Visit a museum

The other day I made an eBook about how to prepare for a museum visit (receive a free copy). I simply love art and exhibitions. And you get so much more out of it if you prepare a little bit on forehand.

5. Party

Organize a party. Invite some friends or do it on your own.

6. Take a hike

In the summer one of the massive events is the Nijmegen Vierdaagse, the Walk of the World. Four days of walking 30, 40 or 50 km. Every year scientists investigate a specific group of hikers. For instance diabetics or people with a weak heart. It is so obvious that any kind of movement is good for a healthy lifestyle.

7. Sport

Sometimes that can be a hike, but it can also be: swimming, nordic walking, biking or running.

8. Take up a hobby

Knit, make ceramics, paint, scrapbook, anything. Some are so serious about a hobby, it’s not an activity in their spare time but work. 🙂

reading books9. Read a book

I read about two to three books a week. Most of the time they’re books about marketing, internet or personal development. It’s studying! So at times I allow myself to read a novel. Which I find more difficult each time, because I don’t want to read detectives anymore. I read “The Circle” by Dave Eggers the other day. I can really recommend that one.
Do you know an interesting title for me to read?

10. Visit a friend

In Holland it’s not a custom to visit friends unexpectedly. You call to make an appointment. Isn’t that a pity? I am glad I have a few friends I can visit when I feel up to it.

11. Meditate

Do you meditate? Whenever I sit down my mind wanders off in all kind of directions. I hardly know what it is to think about nothing. But I will keep on trying.

skil to do12. Make a drawing

So many people are convinced they can’t draw. Such a pity, because the result is they don’t even try. Sure, not everyone will be an artist, but it’s my conviction everyone can draw. And as with any skill, you’ll get better with practice.

13. Watch television

Not for ages of course, but a TV-night once in a while is great.

14. Work in the garden

I guess this was my way of meditating, removing the weeds in the garden. I do hope to have a garden again some time soon.

15. Go to the beach

You can do so many things on the beach. Hiking, standing barefoot in the surf or building a sandcastle. My next house definitely has to be closer to the sea.

16. Take a nap

Hm, it’s a long time ago I did that during the day.

17. Bake a pie

My mother had a great recipe for apple pie. Brings back good memories. Another advantage of baking your own pie is that you can replace the sugar by honey or stevia, which is healthier.

simple objects make a great photographic subject18. Take pictures

I enjoyed myself tremendously taking pictures as illustrations for this blog. Don’t limit yourself capturing only festivities, but also shoot something simple you find in the house or outside on the street.

19. Listen to music

Sometimes I try to listen to types of music I am not familiar with. Most of the time I listen to opera or world music.

20. Make music

You don’t need an instrument to make music. Your voice is always there. So are your hands; you can clap them or drum on the table. Be creative.

21. Do nothing

My husband is very good in this, I am not. Probably something I should practice more.

22. Go to the movie

Sure, you can watch movies on the television, but the experience is way different on a huge screen.

sit on a terrace23. Sit on a terrace and watch other people

In my hometown are a lot of cozy terraces. It’s great to spend time outdoors.

24. Go away for a day

Combine several of the activities mentioned above and spend a whole day somewhere else.

25. What is your tip?

This list definitely can be longer. Tell me in the commentbox below: what is your favorite pastime?

2 thoughts on “25 tips for your spare time”

  1. Long walk with the dogs, spending time in the parc with my son, walking through unknow cities with my parents, wife and son, train or go to events of Muay Thai, enjoying some time in the swimming pool.
    Great blog Hannie


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