2017.11.07 Demolishing the temple

Grote Kerk, Breda

Today I have been taking pictures in the “Grote Kerk” in Breda together with my friend Jenny. One of the guardians of the church saw me taking pictures of the ceiling and explained there are 84 crossings that are all different.

Nowadays the church is a public building. It’s build as a catholic church but the inside was badly demolished in the 16th century during the “Beeldenstorm” and has been a protestant church after that. What is it that people have to ruin things they dislike or don’t understand?


2017.11.02 Peeled fruit

For years Tom made me breakfast on bed. So sweet; I could start my day nice and easy.

The disadvantage was though that we didn’t consume breakfast at the same time. Last winter we were at the southcoast of Spain and discovered that having breakfast together is even nicer than getting the treat of breakfast on bed.

But because I exercise right after getting out of bed and in general need more time to get ready in the morning, most of the time all my fruit is peeled and sliced and waiting for me by the time I get down.

Isn’t that sweet?


2017.08.04 We are the knights who say NIE

They did warn us [4]

I give in. In a chat conversation with another bank the employee said she had never heard of a statement a bank should deliver for a foreign customer in order to obtain a NIE number. So they won’t do that.

We are in Spain at the moment for a month, and I really wanted to get the papers organized on forehand. Probably I am too Dutch or too precise. We’ll see when we get here for a longer period.


2017.08.03 NIE is German for never

They did warn us [3]

Internet banking is not as common in Spain as it is in the Netherlands. According to my source (aka my son) there is only one bank that is suffcient and that is ING Direct. A bank that does not have many offices, so we have to go to a village about 25 km from where we are right now.

Unfortunately this ride was in vain, ING does not want us as a customer: we are not (yet) residents. According to the man we should better go to another bank, Caixa for instance.
(I think it’s hilarious that a bank employee recommends another bank)

To be continued…


2017.08.02 We are the knights who say NIE 2

They did warn us [2]

Tom and I have downloaded the right forms from the internet, filled and printed them, and went to the police station.

Everyone going in was obliged to explain the nature of their business, put their things in a scanner and themselves through a security gate. I can understand that.

When it was our turn I said I came for a NIE number. We had to follow the police woman. No stuff through the scanner? No, that was not necessary. Even the blaring sound of the security gate was no problem, she just waved to another guard that we were cool. (I sure hope I am not putting any wrong ideas in someone’s head, lol).

Oh well, we can’t request a NIE without a statement of for example a phone company or a bank in which they state we really need it. I made remarks about ‘Kafka’ and ‘odd’, but it’s better not to be funny in a Spanish policestation!

To be continued…

(Not being funny reminds me of a sign in an Australian airport that actually said: don’t try to be funny, because customs might take it the wrong way!)