Color delusion or color blind?

At times I study books and audio files by Tony Robbins. He advocates flexibility and gives as an example: You think only one opinion is the right one and that is your own opinion. His story is about opinions, feelings and attitude, but when I rediscovered the picture below, I realized that it is about literally seeing the world as well.

red color blind

I got this picture from one of my clients who is red-color-blind and his dry commentary was: “There is no difference between these photos, but there are people with a color delusion who see all kinds of color differences ….”

Color blind to the max

The photographer Ansel Adams proved that black and white pictures of landscapes can be beautiful. Yet I would hate it if I would not see color. A colorfull landscape would then become something dull like this:

color versus black and white

In a TED-lecture by performance artist and musician Neil Harbisson explains how he solved his total color-blindness by converting colors into sounds. He has an antenna on his head that, with the aid of software, converts colors into certain sounds. The strength of the sound indicates the differences in tone of a color.
The antenna on his head is implanted in his skull. He even managed to get the photo including his cyborg antenna accepted in his passport, although it took quite some effort.

I think it’s a great story about how you can change your weakness into your strength. He is rightly the first cyborg!

total color blindness

Attention for the other person

What it really teaches me is giving my full attention to things that are different than my own experience. As a graphic designer I naturally apply that in my work. But also as a private person I become richer by giving that attention to what is different.

What does it mean for your activities? On which deviating aspects do you have to pay attention to your work?
Let me know in the comment box below.

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