DIY How to make the perfect clay rolls

The secret of the waffle cloth

ceramics tip clay rollsI am a ceramicist and make sculptural, abstract art. In a lot of my work I need rolls of clay. These can be thick, even rolls. Or rolls that vary from thick to thin.

I used to roll them in between two hands. Usually ending up with lumpy and strange looking things. Not too bad, but certainly not perfect.

Here is my look behind the scenes.

(Art and pictures © Hannie Mommers)

A simple solution, yet very effective

Do try this at home. Take a simple waffle cloth – I have several in different colors, not that the colors are of any importance – and wet it. Put it flat on the table and roll a little piece of clay on it.
Piece of cake.

iTips026Chimney6_007Even, thick rolls that I used in the piece on the right. An extra touch is the use of two colors of clay.

From thick to thin

And trust me, it can go really thin with this method.

rolls from thick to thinwith the use of rolls
As you can see in the pictures I use several textures of waffle cloth.

The big series: Reaching for the sky

reaching for the sky hannie mommers
“Reaching for the sky 4” – 23x23x137 cm

All the rolls for these series of very large built forms were made using this technique.

I made this YouTube video when my company celebrated its 25th anniversary

Try several

Although I am very faithfull, once used to a certain brand, I occasionally buy different kinds as well. Just to try it. Some deteriorate too easily, others just have the perfect texture and sustainability.

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