Folding a special booklet

folded bookletSometimes budget is scarse and the wish to make an outstanding item is big.
At an event I had organized a friend and I wanted to give our audience a poem bundle. We both wanted to show off our skills – he as a poet and I as a designer.
There was just one minor problem: we didn’t have any money to spend. šŸ˜‰

Problems can lead to great solutions. The end result was a foldedĀ booklet which made our guests really happy.

Form follows function

japanese folding styleThe poems of my friend have a specific style. The sentences are very short, hence a small page is an obvious choice. So the form dictates the found solution of the folded pages.

It’s not common for a text to influence the form that strong, but also with ‘normal’ text, you can make folded pages. Just make sure the columns are small and the letterfont is not too big. And I would use the pages on the other side as well in that case. I mean the pages I left blank, not the backside of the paper.

Pages at the inside

expanded modelFor the pages I choseĀ paper of 100 grs of a good quality to have a nice feeling in my fingers when I hold it. The sheet isĀ an A3 printed with a laserĀ printer, and thenĀ cut longitudinally, resulting in two strips of 420×148,5mm.

TheĀ strip is folded a few times as a harmonica, resulting in 8 pages of 52,5×148,5 mm.

Cover is folded as well


The cover is an A5 of 300 grs verge board. Verge paper means ‘ribbed paper’. It is produced by the mesh on which the paper is made, looks like lines in reliefĀ and gives the paper a cool look.

The outside could be thisĀ thick because it is not printed.
First, the cardboard is folded in half and then again just halfway, leaving space for the whiteĀ pages toĀ fit in.

A special folding mode

Sure, you can also make a booklet by folding some papers together and staple them, but this looks more special don’t you think? And our edition conteined just 30 copies, making it not too time consuming to make.

Ā Can you think of more occasions to use a folding booklet like this?Ā Ā Let me know in the commentbox below.

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