4 thoughts on “How is Negative Space Helpful for Designers and Artists?”

  1. Waarnemingsillusie: en zo kwam ik er pas héél veel later achter dat de 'richtingaanwijzer' naar de Carrefoursuper geen pijl was, maar een uitgespaarde C. Carrefour gebruikt in Frankrijk haar logo trouwens op borden met soms een pijl er onder die de tegengestelde rijrichting aanwijst… Dat hier in Belgie veel klanten van dat concern de weg kwijt zijn, en C-medewerkers hun baan, zou dat er mee hebben te maken?

    Rein van Gisteren

  2. Grappig, ja. Ik had er helemaal niet meer aan gedacht, maar ik had inderdaad ook die associatie in het begin!

  3. This is very interesting, Hannie! I have never heard before about negative space. Reading your article has given me great insight, and I understand it now very well.
    I think graphic design must be a lot of fun. Using your creativity creates unique designs, and studying art opens the mind.
    I only noticed the arrow in FedEx now because you pointed to it; I have never been aware of the arrow. Funny! Of course, I often saw these images where you get two different pictures, but I didn’t know this is a positive and negative space. Very interesting! I learned something new! 🙂

    • It’s like discovering a whole new world, isn’t it, Sylvia? And you’re right, I really had a lot of fun when I still had my graphic design studio. Occasionally, I still design stuff of course, but never anymore for paying customers. This adds to the fun because, to be honest, customers didn’t always want something new and unexpected, even though they asked for it. 🙂

      Did you ever notice the line below the Amazon logo is a smile? Nowadays it’s more obvious because they use the smile at times separate from the logotype. Not negative space, of course, but also something I only noticed because someone pointed it out to me!

      Thanks for your comment and I am really glad I could teach you something. 🙂


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