How do you stay inspired? Five tips – I like #4 the most

Taking pictures changes your point of view

inspiration photographyThere has been a period in my life I didn’t take any pictures at all, making me regret that later, because I don’t have pictures of my son age 6 to 9. The reason was that I wasn’t inspired anymore and didn’t feel up to the effort.

Nowadays I have found several ways to get inspired and to develop my creativity. Which I will share with you in this article and I hope you will add tips of your own at the end of this article.

Don’t settle for a result too soon

inspiration composition

Tip #1 – How about composition, color and disarray

When I take a picture I judge it on several elements

  • How is the composition?
    I can choose a symmetrical or a dynamic composition;
    When there are more objects in the photo, I can either let them overlap each other or make sure they are next one another
  • How is the color?
    Sometimes the colors are bright. I have an opinion about what colors harmonize best with each other and can choose for either that harmony or disharmony;
    Black and white pictures let me focus solely on the contrast and composition
  • Is there no distraction from the subject?
    Often I don’t see that lamppost that was just behind a person or how the different subjects mingle, until I took the picture and watch at the scene in a two-dimensional way.

A lot of pictures I take over and over again until I am satisfied and then I throw away the rest.

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inspiration umbrella

Tip #2 – Be a member of Instagram

Participating in the challenges on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media, focusing solely on photography. It’s a great community populated by both amateur photographers and professionals.
People are very much willing to show a newby around or making suggestions, if you are looking for that. Or if you just want to show your pictures and nothing more, that’s also fine.


What I like are the challenges. At the moment I am participating in two monthly challenges to upload a photo within a daily theme.
For example one assignment for #theidearoom was ‘eyes’ and I made this pictures of fisch in a Spanish marketplace.

You don’t take a photograph,
you make it.
— Ansel Adams

Tip #3 – Using apps on the smartphone

I am an addict to Hipstamatic, Cameramatic and Snapseed

umbrella hipstamatic

For years I have polished my skills on my DSLR-camera. At the moment I own a Canon Mark II and the pictures I make with it are technically perfect.
And yet I love an app like Hipstamatic, where I don’t know what kind of picture will come out of the developing process. The app pretends to be an old camera with all the old flaws old cameras had.
So there can be a huge light leak in the photo or a massive vignette.
Have a look at the article I wrote about it the other day.

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Photography, my Passion. Looking through the square hole.


There is nothing worse than a sharp image
of a fuzzy concept.
— Ansel Adams

Tip #4 – Take one subject and make a series of it

Have a look at my umbrella series

inspired by an umbrella

  • A friend forgot her umbrella in my car, so I had a great time taking it in the house and making several pictures of it during the days it was in my possession.
    That’s making a series in a short period of time of one object.
  • On this website I have one picture every day that will be in the same monthly theme.
    That’s making a series by browsing the pictures I have with a specific theme I have in my head.
  • During my holidays I pick one theme to make all my pictures in. So then it’s not about an object to make a series with, but using a concept.
    Themes I have used were for instance: vertical, round, big-small, S-curve, monochrome, symmetrical.

Tip #5 – Edit your pictures

Or make a nice frame for them


I edit mostly in Camera Raw, a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. If you work solely on your smartphone there are several apps that can help you with the editing. Snapseed is my favorite, but browse or try a lot and you will find out soon enough what your own favorite will be.

Frames are another great way to enhance your photos or to work on just for fun. As with the editing there are numerous apps to use, but if you want to make a unique one, try out my tutorial

inspiration photography

Tip #6 – Please add yours

How do you keep yourself inspired while photographing? We all benefit from the tips of others, so I’ll be most grateful if you add yours in the commentbox below.

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