My Collages in August 2022

I gave myself a challenge, an assignment to make a collage each day. It can be a reflection of the day or just random. These are my collages in August.

My Collages in August 2022 #001

001/365. At times I’m not too fond of August, it’s too hot. 🥵

Collage Augustus002

002/365. I got some old magazines from my hubby with black and white pictures. I combined them with scraps of a paper bag and a cyanotype I wasn’t satisfied with.

Collage Augustus003

003/365. I am not a fan of ordering things online because I never know how the package will be. At times it comes in cardboard 👍🏼 but some stores send their stuff in plastic 🥺
I can’t reuse that plastic 😠 and it spoils a good part of the fun of receiving something.

Collage Augustus004

004/365. Newspaper collage.

Collage Augustus005

005/365. A combination of the weekly theme for a cyanotype challenge (gradual and distortion) and a collage for my own daily challenge.

Collage Augustus006

006/365. The new dentist is good. Still, I am not a fan of going.

Collage Augustus007

007/365. Nature is beautiful.

Collage Augustus008

008/365. Vertical movements.

Collage Augustus009

009/365. Three of everything.

Collage Augustus010

010/365. Green.

Collage Augustus011

011/365. White.

Collage Augustus012

012/365. Cardboard tones.
Collage without glue 😎

Collage Augustus013

013/365. Pictures from a newspaper. Past and present stories.

Collage Augustus014

014/365. Digital collage of vertical subjects. The pictures are made during our June holiday.

Collage Augustus 015

015/365. It’s not all gold that glitters.

Collage Augustus 016

016/365. I see colours and scraps.

Collage Augustus 017

017/365. Simple collage of cyanotype and a branch of bougainvillaea.

Collage Augustus 018

018/365. Newspaper texts.

Collage Augustus 019

019/365. I found my circle cutter ⭕️ 😊

Collage Augustus 020

020/365. Collage of loose objects, the photo edited in Snapseed to make it grungy.

Collage Augustus 021

021/365. Digital collage. I used Canva for this.

Collage Augustus 022

022/365. I found my pinking shears 😊

Collage Augustus 023

023/365. It’s a month ago but I am still enjoying our visit to the museum in Málaga.

Collage Augustus 024

024/365. Tissue paper and magazine scraps.

Collage Augustus 025

025/365. Black sun.

Collage Augustus 026

026/365. I love coffee, even when it spills.

Collage Augustus 027

027/365. Tissue paper and magazine clippings. Tissue paper really is a favourite material for me.

Collage Augustus 028

028/365. It’s my husband’s birthday today ❤️ 😍 🥰

Collage Augustus 029

029/365. The initials of my grandsons.

Collage Augustus 030

030/365. The circle cutter doesn’t always cut right.

Collage Augustus 031


My collages in August

This month was a busy month. I am participating in a weekly cyanotype challenge. So I made a lot of cyanotypes this month.

And I gave myself the above-mentioned assignment. It was nice to make a collage every day and I am glad it actually worked!

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    • Ohh, thank you so much. Still, don’t forget the museums. 🙂 It’s good to be broadly oriented!
      Thanks for the compliment and take care, John.


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