Use your camera and play

Photography: Use your camera and play

If you own a Single-lens reflex camera (SLR) – whether it’s a digital or a film camera – it’s a pity not to use the different possibilities. Of course I set my camera on full-automatic too at times, but the only advantage then is the speed of taking a picture. If you want to have … Read more

DIY: Do You Want to Design it Yourself?

DIY: Do You Want to Design it Yourself?

DIY or let an expert take care of your graphic design? What are the criteria to buy or make your graphic design? It can be necessary to make it yourself. It can be smart to let an expert do that. To know the difference you have to be very critical on your own abilities. Not … Read more

Annoying Design Doesn’t Serve the Reader nor the Writer

Annoying Design Doesn't Serve the Reader nor the Writer

I’m reading a book with a really annoying design! The content isn’t bothering me; I can’t judge that yet, because I’m not beyond page 25 at the moment.

No, I find “De ultieme kudde“, which is a Dutch translation of the book “Herd” an annoying book because of the cover with a rear flap folded too tight, leaving part of the interior open and exposed.

This looks like the nowadays visible underpants of the youth because of their sagging jeans. (Ah, and this book is right about phenomenons like sagging pants!).

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