Point of view

A point of view. A standpoint. An outlook. All expressions you can use in either literally sense or as a matter of speech. Here I mean of course your standpoint with a camera at hand.

Keeping your head up

Let’s suppose you are in a glass elevator and you can’t move your head up or down, just left and right. So, you keep on looking right ahead and the horizon is high at the moment you are in the basement. And you make picture_1.
Going up, the horizon will go down, you still won’t move your head and you take picture_2. Let’s call it the ground floor.
On the top floor you see a lot of sky, the horizon is very low and you take picture_3.

That’s one way of ‘dealing’ with the horizon.

point of view
point of view

Moving your head means moving your camera

I don’t think you would keep your head as fixed as I describe above, would you? It’s more likely you will lift your head when you’re below and look down when you reach the top floor.

moving your head
worm's-eye view
The most extreme ‘lifting up’ your head is lying on your back and for instance looking at the trees. (a) It’s called the worm’s-eye view.

low horizon
In English a low standpoint is called the groundfloor perspective or worm’s eye view. In my country it is called the frog-perspective. The point of view is looking up and seeing a lot of sky. (b)

horizon in the middle
Standing in an upright position the horizon is on eye level. (c)

high standpoint
High on a hill or a mountain, flying in the sky, looking down like a bird does. That’s why it is called the bird’s eye view or the bird’s eye perspective. (d)

looking down, point of view
And finally looking straight down, to the ground, into a cellar, fill in the blanks. (e)


When you make pictures of people that are smaller than you, or of pets, it is best to get down to their level. Bend your knees a little bit or crouch on your knees.

pricklyyellow tulips

I took the left picture from above – a bird’s perspective, the right one I made from the bottom up – a worm’s eye perspective. The pictures are for sale in my Zazzlestore in any option you want. Have a look.

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