What a great profession I have as graphic designer

Design: What a great profession I have as graphic designer

According to the specialists, a message is attractive to someone if it is fun, interesting, educational, priceless, intriguing, distinctive, cozy, entertaining, inspiring or amusing.

As far as I am concerned, this also applies to an occupation and my own profession has all those characteristics. Watch and see:


“Will you come and drive the tram?” our client GVB, a local transport organization, asked in 1998. “Sure! Nice!” my 3 employees and I replied. So the 4 of us went to Amsterdam for – as we believed – a sightseeing tour in the tram.

The moment we boarded, we discovered we were supposed to drive that tram ourselves!
Oops! Oh, oh!

And what a cool and fun ride we had. I did not really see much of Amsterdam that day, busying myself with the speed/brake handle and worrying people would get themselves beneath the wheels. But it was a studio trip we will never forget.


A graphic designer makes corporate identities for a variety of businesses. So I have designed for a machine factory, trainers, a garage, several multinationals, PR agencies, a bank, the government – local as well as provincial as well as national, the police, coaches, NGOs, healthcare agencies, real estate, schools and numerous small businesses. Even a monastery is in the list.
It is so interesting to be able to go in depth in all those industries.



This really is one of the funniest blog posts about my profession I know of. It takes some time to read it all, but it’s worth the effort. Hilarious.


A recipe that is printed in an easy-to-read font is considered an easy-to-perform task. A recipe that is put in a difficult-to-read font is seen as a difficult task. This way you can influence your readers’ perception the way you want it.
(Research: Song & Schwarz, 2009)


What about hidden messages that are in many well-designed logos? 40 Examples.


Come and have a cozy cup of coffee with me and then we’ll set up a discussion on how great graphic design is!


truck lettering

Do you also enjoy yourself during long car rides? I continuously evaluate trucks and their lettering. Marvellous! I usually have a strong opinion about it as well.

Look at this one. It doesn’t say TRANS but T R ANS. The website positions the company as modern and then look at this old-fashioned horse and carriage. How fast will this transportation be? 🙂


You can do this the next time you are at the beach!


belgium sign

Signs are often amusing. I encountered this example in Mons, Belgium, and I couldn’t phantom which direction I had to go. I asked my Facebook readers which direction the centre of the city was and they all got it wrong as well.

But what is added to signs is even more fun.
Have a look here. I think no. 15 is really hilarious!

Do you have a great profession like mine? What is it? Let us know in the commentbox below. It’s always interesting to know what everyone is doing.

2 thoughts on “What a great profession I have as graphic designer”

  1. Hoi Hannie, ik heb een heerlijk vak! Ik ben blij als ik de winst van mijn klanten zie toenemen, en ze weer veel plezier, tijd en energie zie krijgen van hun passie. En de stappen zie nemen waar ze blij van worden.

    En als je het dan hebt over ‘wat je zoal tegenkomt’ wat met je vak te maken heeft. 12 jaar lang was ik inkoper voor Heineken. Reclamematerialen, flessen, kroonkurken, blikjes hebben nog steeds mijn belangstelling. Nog steeds kan ik uit vele kleuren groen de Heineken groen onderscheiden (GEEN pms kleur) en nog steeds zie ik in elke straat uitsluitend de ronde lichtreclames van…Heineken.


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