Red, White and Blue in Pictures

Photography inspired by the Dutch flag

red white blueA lot of countries have flags in the colors red, white and blue. The USA, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Russia – to name a few. Flags are an offspring of heraldry. Every color had a specific meaning in ancient heraldry.
Drawing: the Dutch flag

In medieval times colors and flags were a necessity to distinguish one armored knight from the other. Only seven colors were allowed and they all had a black and white ‘translation’. For instance blue was also indicated by a pattern of horizontal lines and red by vertical lines. This variation was used in wax seals.

If you have read this other article of mine about photography – looking through the square hole – you have seen that I love thematic photography. In this article I combine those themes with the colors red, white and blue.

A modern variation of the heraldic colors are the red and the blue states in USA election time.

In these series I selected 3 pictures in the colors red, white and blue for each subject. Some are bright colors, others are more saturated. I call them “powdery”.


red glasswhite glass
blue glass
Still lives and windows

Do you know the still lives of Morandi? If you don’t you really should try to have a look at them. Either in reality or in reproductions. I have admired his work for a long, long time and still am not tired of looking at it.


red door
red white blue in pictures
blue door
Doors and windows. Every holiday I come home with at least one of those on a picture


red chairs
white chairs
blue chairs
Have a seat. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Flowers from the Dutch bulb fields

red flowers white flowers blue flowers
The bulb fields are a feast for the eyes in April and May

Rock solid

red rock white rock
blue rock
Is every picture of a rock?


red white blue boatred white boat red white blue boat
Red, white and blue combined within a picture

And one for my American friends

4th of july
Have a great 4th of July celebration!


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