2019 022 Behind the fence

Do you know acrylic paint? I have always liked it more than oil paint, because it dries much faster. It has other advantages: It dries fast Transparent and opaque Cheap Applicable to different surfaces, like paper, linen, wood and more A big disadvantage though is that it’s artificial. So when you rinse your brushes under … Read more

2019 014 A new provider

I’ve had trouble with the phone companies before. Today we switched companies for the third time! It’s not that we are that demanding. Simply being able to phone someone or being phoned will do. Isn’t that the least a phone should do? We were on the brink of getting a landline and an oldfashioned phone. … Read more

2019 010 I went to the hairdresser

I usually don’t like to go to the hairdresser. Most of the time my hair sucks after a visit. Not sure yet what the result is today. This is made in the app Procreate. Last summer a friend was visiting us and showed his new iPad with Apple Pencil. I couldn’t resist myself and had … Read more