2018.11.16 Merry Sinterklaas … euh Christmas

Fortunately this is a papercup. Because otherwise it would never have given me the Merry Christmas Feeling. Which I never have, but that’s another story.

What is interesting, is that restaurants start to celebrate Christmas way before Christmas. When I was young there usually were a lot of different other days to celebrate before it was Christmas. Such as Sinterklaas, Saint Nicolas. With Sinterklaas I always got way more presents then with Christmas. Christmas was a time to eat and drink.

At present Sinterklaas is a highly controversial event in Holland. That’s because he has a Black Piet who features like Sinterklaas help. The story of the Black Piet is that he started to be Sinterklaas’s help in the Middle Ages when he still was a slave. Although most modern Black Piet’s are just painted white labour ‘slaves’, this old slave business still warms a lot of the hearts of the remnants of the Black Slave Piet. They oppose the existance of the Black Piet as part of a celebration.

In honor of the 40 million slaves that still wonder around in this modern world it’s admirable that people still support their slave’ relatives from the Middle Ages. Before I forget, lets not make an issue of the black paper cup. Because there is not any relation. For those that still cherish, have some nice days.


2017.12.19 Stress of a 2 year old

We were allowed to be present at the Christmas dance of our youngest grandchild. It was cuddly and sweet to see, for us that is. For many children (age 2 to 3) it was not, they were upset and crying.
Imagine the tension of having studied on 2 Christmas songs, one Spanish, one English, and then seeing a room full of parents and grandparents that are laughing and cheering.

Our youngest started crying as soon as he was on the red carpet and spend the dances in the arms of his father. He was very content seeing his schoolmates do their best. 🙂