What is a Great Theme Photography Idea for a Holiday Abroad?

What is a Great Theme Photography Idea for a Holiday Abroad?

Of course, we should take pictures of the highlights when we are visiting an unknown region or country. Yet, it is also fun to restrict yourself by taking pictures according to a theme.

It is important for a photographer, or any creative person in general, to always try to improve. However strange it may seem, limiting ourselves is a major contributor to betterment.

I do it often, assigning myself to photograph only round objects, or movement, just vertical lines, S-like shapes, contrasts in thick-thin or big-small, and so on. I can assure you, you will see different subjects to take pictures of.

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2019 174 Juffertje-in-t-groen

Love-in-the-mist is a beautiful name for a flower. I love the Dutch name as well which translates as missy in the green. It listens to the Latin name Nigella Damascena. The seed box (do you call it that in English?) is even more beautiful than the flower. For the moment we’re glad the plant survived … Read more

2019 105 In paradise

We have ONE Paradise flower in the garden. I guess the garden has been left alone too long before we moved in here. Otherwise there would have been more probably. Last month I put fertilizer with the plants and it feels like a real present that now we have at least one flower. There will … Read more