2019 193 Paying it forward

I had an appointment with a Dutch friend. She spoke Spanish with me and corrected me or explained what I didn’t understand. It was brilliant. She used to be a Spanish and English teacher, so she knows what she is doing.

I helped a friend with his graphic design. That used to be my profession and I was glad I could practice it again.

This is called ‘paying it forward’. Someone is doing something for you and you can’t always do something for them. But when you return the favor to somebody else, you still earn your Karma points. 🙂

2019 174 Juffertje-in-t-groen

Love-in-the-mist is a beautiful name for a flower. I love the Dutch name as well which translates as missy in the green. It listens to the Latin name Nigella Damascena.

The seed box (do you call it that in English?) is even more beautiful than the flower. For the moment we’re glad the plant survived our holiday and produced one little flower!