2018.10.29 Watch your back

In my daily exercise schedule there is a yoga routine every 3 days. The different postures went really well, so probably I became a bit too overconfident. And a week ago this resulted in almost breaking my back.


All the more reason why I was so proud last weekend when we finished 2 walks of over 14.000 steps. I am inclined to go sit down or even lay in my bed, but it is very important to keep on moving.

We have to relocate in a couple of days so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my back will feel better by then.


2018.10.28 Another extended walk

This roundabout marks the start of one of the outskirts of Puerto de Mazarrón: El Alamillo. And at the same time marked the halfway point of our walk today.

It was exactly an hour to get here, the same amount of time half of the walk yesterday took us. But since the route was a bit more difficult we didn’t exactly walk the same distance, although still a respectable 8,5 km.

We were lucky to find a restaurant here as well.

This time we didn’t take a montadito, but a tostada con tomate. As you might know we changed our lifestyle last year. And when you ban sugar from your diet, you’re not that keen any more on cake or other sweet stuff. The tostada is a really good replacement.

Satisfied we went on our way home. And getting there were very proud of ourselves.


2018.07.22 I am so proud of myself

Today I have set a personal record! Touching my knees with my nose during the Seated Forward Bend, also known as Paschimottanasana.

Last year I had an injury due to extensive walking (daily 10.000 steps) on the wrong shoes. It took me a couple of months of physiotherapy and exercises to recover. Instead of quitting the exercise when I finally recovered, I gradually added more and more different exercises. Resulting in a daily practice of 30 exercises in about 45 minutes.

The exercises are a mix.

  • Exercises for my heels
  • Strength training
  • Balancing
  • Exercises to prevent arthrosis in my hands
  • Strengthen my back
  • Core training
  • Yoga

Some of them I got in the past from my physiotherapist. Others I learned during yoga classes I took when I was in my thirties. A couple I have found on the internet. And a great deal I have learned from my son, who is an avid practitioner of Muay Thai.

And to be honest, the record of today wasn’t a real record of course. When I took yoga classes I could easily touch my knees with my nose.

But here you see the practice of Kaizen in fool bloom. I started this particular exercise about half a year ago and back then I was glad to be able to bend my back a little bit. Making me one happy cookie today. 🙂


2018.04.19 Taking the stairs is healthy

We are staying in a spa hotel at the moment. Lots of facilities over here. Or as the hotel says Bienvenido a un mundo diferente.

It’s a nice hotel.

And as usual there is something that is nagging us. We wouldn’t be our critical, thinking selves if there wasn’t:
Why is it always so hard to find stairs in a hotel? Moreover in a hotel that advertises with healthy stuff. Well, as you can see, we found it behind some door. 🙂

Mind you, we are on the first floor, so it is kind of stupid to take the elevator, wouldn’t you agree?


2018.02.09 Flamenco in the mountains

At the sunny start of our way up the mountain La Maroma we passed a farm where someone was singing an Andalusian folksong. I am not sure of course but in my ears it sounded very much like flamenco, which is authentic Andalusian.
What a nice way to start a hike.

The top La Maroma is 2065 m high and we started at about 625 m. I guess we didn’t walk more than 1 km up with an estimated heigth difference of 200 m. Not that much when the whole route is 5 to 6 km, but nevertheless we were very proud of ourselves for doing this hike.

And I must add that Tom is a sweetie. He helped me up and down on all the difficult parts! <3


2018.02.03 The sun makes up for everything

The past 2 days were at times frightening because of the force winds that were hitting us and the house on top of the hill.

But that was quickly forgotten once we opened the window shutters and saw the sun shining abundantly. I went outside as soon as I finished my exercises and was lucky enough to find an already made breakfast. Tom is the best as far as food is concerned!

After breakfast I opened our outside office. Great space I must add : )

Nothing beats to work, read, sleep and eat in the sun as we did almost all day today. We even managed to do our daily walk at the end of the day, so I am very content at the moment.


2017.11.15 Rain radar

I have been saying this for years now: it’s quite peculiar that everywhere the weather app is called Weather App and in Holland it’s called Rain Radar. And I use the app every day, checking before I go walking or cycling whether I will get wet.Today the app predicted no clouds, no rain. And they are right, I don’t see clouds, just one cloud that’s hanging very low, thus making sure everything gets wet. 😀