Over 40 years of remarks about me

Workshop Cyanotype


“During the cyanotype workshop, Hannie Mommers taught me how to make prints on pre-processed paper of, for example, flowers, leaves or feathers under the influence of sunlight. Exciting to do and the effect was great! Beautiful shades of blue, light where the tissue of the flower or plant was translucent and dark where it was thick. Little works of art.
Hannie is so driven as a teacher that as a student I completely embraced her enthusiasm and could hardly stop trying.
Of course, not all prints turned out equally well. However, Hannie gave the tip to update it with a gold pen. A golden tip, which may have made the ‘failed’ specimens the most beautiful!

Cyanotype is a simple technique that doesn’t require much and allows you to fully express your creativity. But even if you don’t think you are creative, this technique is recommended.

Thank you, Hannie, for teaching me such a beautiful technique! After your cyanotype workshop, I can use it well. I think that in addition to flowers and leaves, I will also use thin fabrics and lace for my experiments.”

Marisa Ramirez

M. Ramirez

“I thought the technique was the most interesting part of the process.
It is a workshop to make your own botanical art. It is a very simple technique with spectacular results.
I was amazed by the results!”

W. Leenders

“I found the technique accessible and surprising, especially because it always challenges you to try something new.
And it was really fun!”

Juanjo Ramirez

J. Ramirez

“Hannie explains the processes very well and encourages creativity in a way that gives you all the space to discover what is possible.
It is very entertaining and creative, and the results are truly satisfying.”

M. Diaz Galindo

“I loved Hannie’s creativity, patience, and her effort to explain the process in Spanish as well.
I will tell my friends that the workshop is very enriching and worthwhile.”

Mar Diaz
Cyanotype of Oleander by HM


“The result is fantastic and it is so surprising to see the blue colour emerge.
I really experienced it as magic with flowers and leaves.”

Workshop Making a WordPress Website

Art by Carla Gerritzen

C. Gerritzen, visual artist

“I really liked the way you taught us. Highly recommended. Only the main things in the workshop and then try it as homework at home with feedback the next time. That’s a good setup. I hope you get many more participants. Whenever I come across people whom I think could benefit from your course, I will pass on your details.”

Klaartje Loose

K. Loose, Springtij Coaching

The workshop Making a WordPress Website was via Skype, so I didn’t have to travel 3 times.
In addition to professional knowledge, Hannie has a solid foundation in education, and you will notice that! With clear explanations, a good handout to reread all that you have learned, homework assignments to actually implement what you have learned, room for questions, and personal attention for every participant, this course is well put together!
After the 3 (for me virtual) meetings and some hours of tinkering with Hannie’s information, my website was up and running.
Highly recommended for any independent entrepreneur who wants a website, but does not feel like learning the technical details.”


Poetry bundles, Ingo de Moor

I. de Moor

“What she says comes from the heart with enthusiasm, and with the precision of a metronome. Hannie models her thoughts with a sense of proportion and in full awareness that a fault line will reveal itself later on. She combines thinking with doing, introspection with exuberance, and craftsmanship with state-of-the-art. She is pragmatic by retaining the line of the story, but celebrating it in such a way that you break free from tradition and convention. Hannie introduces new schools of thought and takes you on interesting trips to explore the edges of possibilities. To see with your own eyes, to experience with your senses what this has to offer. It is an adventure that is experienced and finally takes you a step further to that unsuspected horizon.”

Graphic design

Exceed Expectations business card

J. Moleman, Exceed Expectations

“Hannie Mommers has designed a beautiful logo for Exceed Expectations. I admire her approach, listening precisely to what you want, almost scientifically translating it into something that corresponds to what I was looking for. Thank you, Hannie!”

logo abdij koningshoeven door mommersontwerp

Broeder Wigbert, Abdij Koningshoeven

“It is the art of the designer to understand the assignment from the client’s language and translate it into the desired result without losing the studio’s individuality.
Hannie understands those arts and is prepared to push boundaries for a more successful result.
Her creativity, empathy and calmness are her strong points for me.”

Stadsherstel Breda website

M. Janssen, Stadsherstel Breda

“Hannie Mommers designed the house style for NV Stadsherstel Breda and built the website of NV Stadsherstel Breda.
Recently she has redesigned the website, more in line with the wishes and expectations of this time! She then taught me to make occasional adjustments or additions to our site. She took me by the hand, step by step. Patient, clear and instructive followed by a telephone briefing when it turned out not everything had stuck.
Thank you!”

Corporate identity Ontwikkelingspartners

B. Blankenberg, Ontwikkelingspartners

“Hannie has excellently translated our question and style into a corporate identity and logo design that fits our company and also the spirit of these times.”

Silvia Wientjes

S. Wientjes, former employee, sparring partner, and friend

“Hannie is a creative entrepreneur through and through. She has a broad field of interest and mastered many disciplines of design, both two- and three-dimensional, both online and offline. When developing a corporate identity, Hannie always looks for the core of the matter and, in close consultation with the client, arrives at an appropriate and surprising outcome.
That’s how she worked when I was part of her staff and how she still acts. Whether it concerns graphic design, typography, photography, ceramics, lectures or writing and publishing a book: she throws herself into it with passion but prudence. Now that I’m part of her MasterMindGroup of graphic designers, I enjoy the generous sharing of her knowledge, insight and inspiration. And it’s great to see that Hannie is also surprising herself as a person more and more!”

Project Rood, vd Veeken

P. van der Veeken

“Sometimes you meet people who leave a lasting impression through an enormous passion for their profession and deep craftsmanship. If they empathize with what the client wants with great involvement and combine that with creativity and project management skills, then you have a lottery ticket.
With Hannie, you will encounter a very pleasant, clear communication style, which takes you step by step through her process of graphic design, so you learn to appreciate the profession of the graphic designer. And the end product will make you very happy. I can wholeheartedly recommend Hannie for graphic design, logo, typography and house style. A pleasure to work with her.”

2013 slim marketing

Frank Van Gool, Trifier / SLiM

“Time and again, it’s nice to see what Hannie makes of my vague ideas and sketches. A beautiful logo and corporate style that Trifier and SLiM-strategy can use professionally!

K. van der Weijden, SWB

“Hannie played an inventive role in the design and implementation of a new corporate identity for my company that was in transition around 2001 (Stichting Woonruimte Breda). She delivered excellent work in materialization and in creative solutions. Fast and confident.”

P. Aarts, Aarts Advocatenpraktijk

“For 25 years…. your work is timeless! It’s the recognisability. Everyone can recognize my name as you have designed it from a great distance (skate rink Breda): because of the recognizable shape one knows what it says, even while it’s not legible from that great distance.”

Brotori stationery

P. Peters, Brotori

“I agree with your work because I’m happy with you (sounds stupid, don’t you think?) and I’m getting nothing but positive reactions on the website!”

logo story of your life

K. Zwanenburg, Czaar Peter

“I had never worked with Hannie before, but she was recommended to me by a good relation. Based on a telephone briefing, she was able to design a logo and website in a relatively short time. In my opinion, Hannie combines the craftsmanship of a traditional typographer with the elementary knowledge of a modern web designer. A combination I have never encountered before. In addition to the quality of the work delivered, I was also impressed by the clear explanation she used to guide us through the creative process.”

Website PPA

H. Suykerbuyk, p|PA public

“In our search for an appealing look for our website, we made the right choice with your design. Again, it looks great.”

Logo ICT Delfshaven

P. Duarte Pires, ICT-Delfshaven

“Hannie developed my new house styles; After 15 years of P&R as the name, a split will take place in early 2012 into ICT-Delfshaven and Salsa Automatiseringsdiensten. Hannie not only designed clear, powerful logos with craftsmanship, she also thought along with me from start to finish and gave me good advice about my planned name change. I am very happy with the final result. I’ve been handing out my business cards for a few months now and I get compliments about my new logo remarkably often!”

Trifier corporate identity

E. Verhoeven, Trifier

“Hannie developed leaflets, quotation folders and an advertisement template for Trifier. We are very satisfied with the beautiful, professional and handy result that exactly meets our needs.”