How to Transfer Photos and Texts to a Gelli Print? 2 Methods

How to Transfer Photos and Texts to a Gelli Print?

In my personal challenge, an assignment to make a collage daily for 365 days, I am focusing on one aspect a month. More or less. It’s not written in stone, of course.

The month before, I primarily worked on art journaling, using illustrations and text. February 2023 was dedicated to transferring pictures to the Gelli prints.

I used several methods. The main difference was either Gelli printing or using the copy machine on tissue paper.

As my main objective was to make collages, this was always supplemented with paint, ink or paper and glue.

Transfer photos and texts to a Gelli print

When you start to transfer photographs and texts, it is a matter of trial and error. Newspaper and some magazine papers will not transfer well.

The paper must be in-between matte and glossy. It will have to be coated, which is a treatment that the paper undergoes in the factory.

You also have to make sure that the photo is very contrast-rich. Grey tones will not be transferred properly.

  • Apply a not-too-thick layer of dark paint to the Gelli plate;
  • Put the photo on it and press that light;
  • Remove the photo and let the paint dry a little;
  • Roll a light colour of paint over the plate and cover it with paper;
  • Press the paper and put a weight on it, for example, a thick book;
  • Leave it for about 5 minutes, then pull the paper off the plate.

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Pictures and texts on tissue paper

Tissue paper is semi-transparent, making it a great part of a collage. I have glued tissue paper to a normal A4 at the top, so it would go through the copy machine well.

Collage February 173


Collage February 174


Collage February 175


Collage February 176


Collage February 177


Collage February 178


Collage February 179


Collage February 180


Collage February 181

181/365. Whiteout poetry

Collage February 182

182/365. *

Collage February 183

183/365. Halfway!

Collage February 184


Collage February 185


Collage February 186

186/365. Valentine’s Day.

Collage February 187


Collage February 188


Collage February 189


Collage February 190

190/365. *

Collage February 191

191/365. *

Collage February 192

192/365. *

Collage February 193


Collage February 194

194/365. *

Collage February 195

195/365. *

Collage February 196


Collage February 197

197/365. *

Collage February 198

198/365. *

Collage February 199


Collage February 200


* These images have tissue paper parts.

Have a look at my Instagram account for more examples.

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