2018.11.24 Two birds with one stone

Two birthdays today! Our son and the youngest grandson have their birthdays on the same day.

To celebrate we went to a mall together. We never visit so many malls as when we are at our son’s place.

A Dutch saying goes: a child’s hand is quickly filled. As was the case today. With the playing tools that are scattered around the corridors the kids had a lot of fun.


2018.08.27 Memory of last week

When the grandchildren are staying with us for a whole week, we have a perfect chance of observing them. They are so different from each other. Apart from the age obviously.

The eldest dives into new things, is easily bored, wants to do things the right way immediately and if he can’t he just as quickly gives up.

The youngest always starts with just looking.

He had been sitting on the first step of the swimming pool the whole week, last time they were here. And he has been sitting on the first step most of this holiday. And all of a sudden, when Mummy and Daddy and the eldest were in the pool, he came down the stairs and started trampling to his Dad.

From then on he endlessly ‘swam’ from Mum to Dad and vice versa. And the day after that, he even went into the pool when nobody else was in there. (Don’t worry, he was not all by himself, I was on the edge of the pool watching him).

For some reason he thinks he needs a scoop in either hand to paddle with. Funny child.

The other one made progression as well. He now wears only his ‘wings’ and got rid of the chest part of the life jacket. Two little water rats in the family. Magnificent!


2018.08.19 Goats, birds and buttons

When we visited the Sierra Espuña earlier this week, we promised the foresters we would come back with our grandchildren. And since today was a cloudy day, we lived up to our promise.

Driving to the visitor center we had to stop because of great herd of mountain goats next to the road. Unfortunately the youngest was sound asleep, but the eldest loved watching them.

So the tour started really well.

The exhibition in the center is really interesting, especially for children. And after we watched that intensively and tried all the buttons of the interactive displays, the foresters asked if we wanted to watch a movie about the area.

The maker of the movie did a cleaver job, adding a lot of shots of baby birds and baby animals. That’s always cute. The mouth of the littlest one didn’t stop talking. He loved all the animals he saw.


2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course.

Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach.

As such the beach is okay, if not for the sand that crawls everywhere where you don’t want it; and for the people that are everywhere where you don’t want them; and for the wet, cold and salty sea water that’s polluted with who knows what and makes those huge waves; and for the wind that blows the plastic from everywhere to where you try to sit; and for the sun that doesn’t stop burning a hole in your head (and the ozone layer); and for the chocolate icecream that is melted before it can reach your mouth and colors your new white t-shirt so nicely; and for the surf that obscures the stones with the spiky side up on which you will sharpen your feet that are already blistered from the burning sand; and for the two hours drive because you can’t find a parking space for the car so you still have to walk half an hour.

So you might as well stay at home with the swimming pool where it’s so quiet and you have fresh drinks and clean t-shirts close by. I love summer weekends when the family is over.


2018.08.03 A declaration of love

On a regular basis I read books about personal development. The latest is “Living by Design” by Nisandeh Neta. One of the advises in that book is ‘do new things’.

From my own experience I now know that this is a very good advice. I have believed for the last couple of years that Tom and I had a really good relationship. Which we did. There is no doubt about that.

But at the moment we have a fantastic relationship. It’s better than ever before. And I know that this is due to the big changes we have gone through these past 8 months.

It is so great to start an adventure together and  enjoying every minute of it. Meeting new people. Traveling. Discovering new behavior in each other. It was a big step selling the house without knowing where we would go to, except that the road was heading south.

I love Tom and I love my life. <3


2018.06.12 The biggest joy

Today we traveled north to be able to celebrate the birthday of the eldest one tomorrow. Such a delight now he is getting a bit older that he can really enjoy our visit and was anticipating our coming almost as much as he is anticipating his birthday.

Coming out of school he started talking and that little mouth hardly stopped until it was time for bed.

We took him to the shopping mall to buy a present together. One of the things that is always giving him pleasure is traveling by metro. So even when walking is about as far as going that one stop by the subway, we started with that of course.

After finding a very practical present (a new cover and sheet for his bed) we went to several parques (playing grounds) and ate an ice cream together.

All 3 of us had a really good time. The funniest part being of course that Diego told us at least 10 times that his birthday is tomorrow. Just in case we would otherwise forget. 🙂


2018.03.25 A day at the Zoo

March had the theme ‘Animals’ for the grandchildren so we decided to go to the Madrid Zoo this weekend. We were very lucky to have chosen Sunday, because the weather was sunny. Cold, but sunny.

The kids were out of their heads with excitement, running around and hardly giving themselves any time to have a proper look.

Until we came at the elephants’ place. By then papa elephant seemed to be sick and tired of people watching him, so he grabbed mud and threw it at us over and over. So funny.

On the other hand, I can imagine the animals get fed up with it at times. Being in cages. Seeing all those people gazing at them. Poor things.

But for the children it was great. And the day ended well with a dolphin show. What a nice day!


2018.03.22 Meeting the children

Today we went back to the family in Leganés. The temperatures varied from 0°C to 20°C, although both those extremes were very temporarily. Most of the time it was right in between, making our walk in Tablas de Daimiel which we visited again nice.

The reason to visit the Tablas again was simple. We wanted to see whether the rain had done its best in giving the area the so needed water. And it did. It is still too dry so it could have been even better of course, but for the time being it was good.

Seeing the grandchildren was the best part of the day, as you can imagine probably. And lucky us: they were also thrilled to see us. 🙂