2018.12.02 Classic cars exhibition

During our daily walk we bumped into some kind of exhibition of old cars. They were standing in a parking lot, so we were not sure it was meant as an exhibition, but it was great to see all these classic models anyway. We even saw a car with a Dutch sign on it!

It was very obvious that the owners were lovers; not one spot of rust on either car. They were shiny in the late afternoon sun.


2018.11.19 Daily walk

One of the things I miss in Spain are the autumn colors of the leaves. The trees have either green leaves or no leaves.

Here in Holland this summer has been too dry and the changing of seasons was too abrupt, so the leaves are not as sparkling yellow as I was used to. But still I have enjoyed the different shades of brown and yellow very much today.


2018.11.06 Zona acantilada

Long before the sea level will rise, the coast over here is vanished because of the influence of the other elements like wind, heat and cold.

What surprised me were the warning signs. So far Spain hasn’t struck me with a lot of care for hikers and pedestrians. The mines in Mazarrón for instance have a greater need for these kind of signs than this piece of beach.But as usual every prejudice needs an update.

Law abiding as we are, we walk outside of the signing poles whenever we stroll on this beach.


2018.10.28 Another extended walk

This roundabout marks the start of one of the outskirts of Puerto de Mazarrón: El Alamillo. And at the same time marked the halfway point of our walk today.

It was exactly an hour to get here, the same amount of time half of the walk yesterday took us. But since the route was a bit more difficult we didn’t exactly walk the same distance, although still a respectable 8,5 km.

We were lucky to find a restaurant here as well.

This time we didn’t take a montadito, but a tostada con tomate. As you might know we changed our lifestyle last year. And when you ban sugar from your diet, you’re not that keen any more on cake or other sweet stuff. The tostada is a really good replacement.

Satisfied we went on our way home. And getting there were very proud of ourselves.


2018.09.20 An amazing day

I write in a journal twice a day and sometimes that is by answering questions. The question today was: “What are my future happiness moments and/or milestones?”

One answer lies not in the future but in today. Today was a perfect day. Blue sky, sun, not too warm (29C), a little bit of wind.

I spend all day on the roof terrace. Starting with breakfast. Reading, drawing, doing crochet.

And we concluded the day with a daily walk of 4 km.


2018.09.15 Tormentas

The Philippines plagued by typhoon Mangkhut. The Carolinas battered by tropical storm Florence. And we?

We were vast asleep. Most of the time during the night. Sometimes we woke up because of the heavy rains. But we’re from The Netherlands. So we don’t care. Over there it always rains.

Only when we took our daily walk along the coast we noticed that the rain had filled the boulevard with the debris of the hills. And the beaches too.

Overnight, everywhere the water had carved these furrows in the beach. It must have been done with a lot of force. Stones were washed all the way down the hills and were scattered across the shores. No matter how small and reasonably insignificant, these tormentas over here must have been, compared to Mangkhut and Florence, the more we are overcome by the devastation these huge storms must have made over there.