2018.11.29 One by one

The former owners had a swimming pool guy, who also acts as a gardener, together with his daughter. And, as it turned out today, as a strong hand.

They offered to give us a hand moving some stuff to the garage and changing some other stuff in the house. We were so glad, because now our first room – the bedroom – is as we want it.

First room ready. The rest will follow!


2018.08.27 Memory of last week

When the grandchildren are staying with us for a whole week, we have a perfect chance of observing them. They are so different from each other. Apart from the age obviously.

The eldest dives into new things, is easily bored, wants to do things the right way immediately and if he can’t he just as quickly gives up.

The youngest always starts with just looking.

He had been sitting on the first step of the swimming pool the whole week, last time they were here. And he has been sitting on the first step most of this holiday. And all of a sudden, when Mummy and Daddy and the eldest were in the pool, he came down the stairs and started trampling to his Dad.

From then on he endlessly ‘swam’ from Mum to Dad and vice versa. And the day after that, he even went into the pool when nobody else was in there. (Don’t worry, he was not all by himself, I was on the edge of the pool watching him).

For some reason he thinks he needs a scoop in either hand to paddle with. Funny child.

The other one made progression as well. He now wears only his ‘wings’ and got rid of the chest part of the life jacket. Two little water rats in the family. Magnificent!


2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course.

Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach.

As such the beach is okay, if not for the sand that crawls everywhere where you don’t want it; and for the people that are everywhere where you don’t want them; and for the wet, cold and salty sea water that’s polluted with who knows what and makes those huge waves; and for the wind that blows the plastic from everywhere to where you try to sit; and for the sun that doesn’t stop burning a hole in your head (and the ozone layer); and for the chocolate icecream that is melted before it can reach your mouth and colors your new white t-shirt so nicely; and for the surf that obscures the stones with the spiky side up on which you will sharpen your feet that are already blistered from the burning sand; and for the two hours drive because you can’t find a parking space for the car so you still have to walk half an hour.

So you might as well stay at home with the swimming pool where it’s so quiet and you have fresh drinks and clean t-shirts close by. I love summer weekends when the family is over.


2018.06.30 Swimming pool fun

Today was a excellent day. The family – son plus grandchildren – arrived very early giving us ample time to play. Highlight of the day was of course the swimming pool. They both have some kind of life jacket to make sure they don’t drown. And we made sure to don’t drag them into the pool if they didn’t want to.

They both played on the stairs so they could touch bottom with their feet. And soon enough the eldest wanted a swimming lesson.

Since it’s been a long time that I was in the water with our little boy, I had read tips on how to go about trying to teach them to swim.

  • First let them play where they can stand
  • Give them some toys and let them make each other wet
  • Try guiding one through the water, holding him on the stomach
  • Practice flipping the legs
  • Try to let him float on his back
  • Let them put their face under water while they stand
  • Practice falling and getting up again.

On forehand I thought I needed a day for each tip. And probably for the youngest I will need that or maybe even more.
But the eldest was brilliant. He even swam doggylike on his own. I was so proud of him!

As they kept telling me the rest of the day: Mañana más. 🙂


2018.06.19 Cooling Down

Unprecedented. Sun for a week on a row. It’s the first time since months that in Spain the sun shines for more than a few days.

Yes, we know that the water reservoirs were depleted. And yes, we know that the climate change affects Spain as well as any other country. The prophecy is that in the next few years the water level in the Mediterranean will rise 58 meters. Fortunately at the moment we live at 90 meters above sea level.

So, with lots of sun the pool in the garden is a real perk. Yesterday for the first time Hannie took a dive. It looks cold, but the water actually is mild because the sun heats it all day. But still, its a nice way to cool down.

For the coming weeks the weather forecast promises more sun and high temperatures. We’re looking forward to it and the pool will be happy too.