2019 025 Daily exercise

My drawing today was purely practical. I am making a new routine for my morning exercises and always use a visual reminder. Once the exercises are ingrained I don’t need it anymore, but that may take a while.

The drawing is simply made with a black pen. Sometimes I use a felt tip pen, other times a pencil. Or a pen. Just what’s available or what my mood tells me.

Do you exercise daily?

2018.10.29 Watch your back

In my daily exercise schedule there is a yoga routine every 3 days. The different postures went really well, so probably I became a bit too overconfident. And a week ago this resulted in almost breaking my back.


All the more reason why I was so proud last weekend when we finished 2 walks of over 14.000 steps. I am inclined to go sit down or even lay in my bed, but it is very important to keep on moving.

We have to relocate in a couple of days so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my back will feel better by then.


2018.10.14 Yoga with kids

For my morning exercises I have 3 routines I do alternately. One is all kind of stretching exercises, the second is power training with weights (actually 2 water bottles, because my halters are in the storage) and the third is yoga.

Son and grandsons also do yoga, so one of the mornings they were here we could exercise it with the 4 of us.

The youngest is too young. He just plays. That is not a problem of course. The eldest on the other hand loves it. They have found a Youtube channel that is just great for kids. The yoga teacher tells a story which is accompanied by all kind of movements.

For me it was all a slight bit too fast. For kids it is fantastic. They pick up yoga in a playful way and once they are older and still interested in yoga, they can learn it in a more relaxed way.



2018.08.30 Training body and mind

The exercises I do in the morning are getting ingrained. That’s a good thing for my body. Yet not such a good thing for my brain. Brain cells only renew when they learn new things.

So it’s time to make some new routines. That way I can alternate between sets and my brain has to work to keep track of which exercise is part of which routine.

If you know strength exercises, please let me know. That’s an underexposed part of my training and just as important as stretching and flexing.


2018.07.30 Sweaty business

They say you only practice hard enough if you are sweating. Well, sweating we are. Strangely enough I sweat more nowadays than Tom does. In Holland I hardly sweated at all.

It’s not just the temperatures though, but also the fact that we change our practice a lot. At times we walk longer distances – the yellow line is a stretch of 5 km. And once a week we do a so called pyramid walk – slower and faster paces in up- and down-going number of seconds.

They also say (I am not sure if they are the same as the ones mentioned in the first sentence) there is a heatwave coming up. Temperatures of more than 40 degrees C. We might have to change our routine then. After all, we exercise for our health not to take the risk of dropping dead. 馃檪


2018.07.22 I am so proud of myself

Today I have set a personal record! Touching my knees with my nose during the Seated Forward Bend, also known as Paschimottanasana.

Last year I had an injury due to extensive walking (daily 10.000 steps) on the wrong shoes. It took me a couple of months of physiotherapy and exercises to recover. Instead of quitting the exercise when I finally recovered, I gradually added more and more different exercises. Resulting in a daily practice of 30 exercises in about 45 minutes.

The exercises are a mix.

  • Exercises for my heels
  • Strength training
  • Balancing
  • Exercises to prevent arthrosis in my hands
  • Strengthen my back
  • Core training
  • Yoga

Some of them I got in the past from my physiotherapist. Others I learned during yoga classes I took when I was in my thirties. A couple I have found on the internet. And a great deal I have learned from my son, who is an avid practitioner of Muay Thai.

And to be honest, the record of today wasn’t a real record of course. When I took yoga classes I could easily touch my knees with my nose.

But here you see the practice of Kaizen in fool bloom. I started this particular exercise about half a year ago and back then I was glad to be able to bend my back a little bit. Making me one happy cookie today. 馃檪


2018.06.02 Vessels and salt

Today we enjoyed our second guided tour, organized by the Tourist Office of Mazarr贸n. Again the subject was ancient history – the Phoenicians and the Romans – but this time in Puerto de Mazarr贸n.

From our visit to the museum Arqva in Cartagena we knew that the Phoenician boat that is displayed over there is found in Puerto de Mazarr贸n. And now we know that it was found because the Puerto Deportivo was due for expansion.

After the visit to the scale model of the ship we walked past the remains of a Roman house. It’s funny, because we did our share of walks in Puerto de Mazarr贸n, but until now we never had seen this site. It’s just the foundation of the house, but nevertheless it gives a good impression of how wealthy the Roman family was that lived here.

Before ending the tour at the lighthouse and the statue of Sagrado Coraz贸n de Jesus we visited the Museo Arqueol贸gico y Factor铆a Romana de Salazones. Now this was a surprise as well. From the outside it doesn’t look very impressive, but inside it turned out to be bigger than expected. Very interesting and as the other visited spots definitively worth revisiting again.

As you might remember our goal is not only to discover the cultural heritage of the area but also work on our Spanish. That turns out to work quite well, although I do have the feeling I cheated a bit today by asking Paqui, our guide, an English translation now and again. And it was really nice that the group joined in at times to explain a Spanish word or pronunciation to me, so I had a really fun day. Again 馃檪

What did you do this – over here cloudy – Saturday? Tell us in the comment box.