2019 105 In paradise

We have ONE Paradise flower in the garden. I guess the garden has been left alone too long before we moved in here. Otherwise there would have been more probably. Last month I put fertilizer with the plants and it feels like a real present that now we have at least one flower. There will … Read more

2019 069 Diving in

A drawing I started a while ago when we had visited the coast at Cabo de Palos. Most divers over there have the full equipment with the bottles and everything. But these people were enjoying themselves with their snorkels. And I bet they saw nice things as well. Finishing a drawing I started some while … Read more

2019 032 Damaging the paper

Ohhh, I am so happy that all my stuff is around me now. I have missed most of my pencils, paint and paper last year, because I carried just a few tools during our trip. This apple has been drawn with a Karisma Graphite Aquarelle pencil. Usually pencils are sort of waterproof, this one isn’t. … Read more