2018.11.14 Chest hair

Whether it’s the time of the year or we didn’t pay enough attention, at certain parts of the beach there are huge piles of brown seaweed. Probably the stormy weather of the last few days pushed the weed up shore.

This doesn’t explain for the origins of the seaweed. There is a story that goes back to the zenith of global sailing. When sailors past the equator for the first time, they had to appear before Neptune, the King of the Seven Seas. Since sailing vessels passed the equator at the same time, there are many Neptunes. A phenomenon that can be compared with the appearance of Saint Nicolas and Papa Noël in so many houses at the same time.

All these Neptunes do not only have a wild bush of hair on their head, but they also have a long beard to camouflage the thick wood of small hairs that grows from their chest. Since it’s always very warm near the equator and Neptune is used to live under water, specifically these smaller hairs on his chest itch like crazy. Consequently Neptune scratches his chest all the time he is on deck.

When Neptune was gone, the deck was littered with thick chest hair and the ‘all hens on deck’ was given to sweep the hairs away because in those days sailors had nothing better to do then clean the ship all day. For years now these hairs appear as seaweed on our shores.

This story is as true as the deer with the ‘little red nose’ and the promise of Saint Nicolas to take you with him to Spain if you had been naughty. Up until this day I always had to go myself.


2018.11.11 Shit

Here at the coast, there are at least three beaches that are playas de canina (dog beaches). Not that there are no dogs at the other beaches. Far from it. Dog owners love their dogs and can’t part from them. Lucky dogs.

Less lucky are we, who have to watch where we walk all the time. Free roaming dogs are not very picky if it comes to the places where they leave the shit they produce. The owners are mostly occupied by the fabulous sea views and hence overlook the freshly produce of their beloved four-footed friends. Since there are many fabulous sea views from everywhere in town, this explains for our surprise that we find dog shit everywhere in town.

Lucky for us, there is a dog-friendly beach. This does not mean that these friendly dogs do not leave their turds on this beach, but it means that the dogs are friendly. They don’t bark and bite.


2018.10.30 Stormy weather

The past few days have been very stormy, causing the waves to be swept up a lot. The beach will probably still be present under the surf, but there is hardly anything to see of it over the entire coastline.

It’s an impressive view, seeing the waves break on the rocks. I feel sorry for the passengers on the big cruise-ships that we regularly see at the horizon. Tom gets green by just looking at them!

Years ago we went whale watching in Acadia, Maine. The sea was pretty rough and Tom has been sick the full 3 hours the trip lasted. Making one of the deck hands remark, when we debarked: “Well, at least you have tried, sir.”


2018.10.06 Námasté

These wise words can be read as follows: live without pretending (vive sin pretender), love without dependency (ama sin depender), listen without barricades (escucha sin defender), and speak without offending (habla sin ofender).

The námasté at the bottom is a greeting in Hindu custom and not the nickname of the one who made these words up. This sign can be found at the border of the terrace of the chiringuito with the name Námasté, which is situated at the beginning of the beach of La Azohia. If you come from the direction of Isla Plana on foot along the sea border, it’s the first one.

As with most wise words, if everyone would take them at heart, live would be peaceful.


2018.09.19 Cool, clear water

Long strips of sand alternate with rocks and so-called calas. A cala is a creek with a small beach.

As surprised as we are about the amount of junk left on the land, we are evenly surprised about how clear the sea water is over here.

That is not typical for the Spanish coast as we have learned from the newspapers. Unfortunately there are several beaches and accompanying sea shores that are very dirty. So we are very lucky to be in a part that is good.

And – to stick to the good news – Spain still is record holder for having the most blue flags in Europe.


2018.09.18 Fishy fishies

No angler has only one fishing rod out in the water. The red ones these anglers hold, are simple straight forward types. The blue one at the left is a more advanced type with a sophisticated mill.

Here on the coast the anglers show up on the beaches and rocks when the sun sets. This might be because they have to work during the day. But people that work here, do not stop before nine or ten in the evening. So people that go angling around six or seven in the afternoon probably take time off. So they are real aficionados.

On this rock they do not have much space to install many rods. But on the beach anglers use five to six rods at the same time.

Although we have had some time to watch the anglers, even from up close, we have not seen one fish on any rod. Smart fish? Or no fish? Or the anglers do not fish for fish. Is it just a passtime? And not a hobby? Or is it a kind of exercise? Like our daily walk? Rod in the water – rod out the water. Etcetera.


2018.09.14 Proteccion civil

A lot of the beaches here have cabins which contain lifeguards: Salvamento en playas. All cabins are made of wood. Some are blue, others are red and yellow, like this one.

The cabins carry a flag. The flags are like traffic lights. Varying the swimming conditions the flags are red, orange or green. Green is safe. The rest you can guess yourselves.

The cabins contain one or two ultra young man who wear very dark sunglasses, look tedious and sit on a chair that tips backward on two legs. The cabin on this beach was about as big as the beach. Which probably explains why the young salvavidas didn’t bother to look outside. Although the green flag might also have done the trick.


2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course.

Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach.

As such the beach is okay, if not for the sand that crawls everywhere where you don’t want it; and for the people that are everywhere where you don’t want them; and for the wet, cold and salty sea water that’s polluted with who knows what and makes those huge waves; and for the wind that blows the plastic from everywhere to where you try to sit; and for the sun that doesn’t stop burning a hole in your head (and the ozone layer); and for the chocolate icecream that is melted before it can reach your mouth and colors your new white t-shirt so nicely; and for the surf that obscures the stones with the spiky side up on which you will sharpen your feet that are already blistered from the burning sand; and for the two hours drive because you can’t find a parking space for the car so you still have to walk half an hour.

So you might as well stay at home with the swimming pool where it’s so quiet and you have fresh drinks and clean t-shirts close by. I love summer weekends when the family is over.


2018.07.25 One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four

We sometimes complain it’s too busy at the moment (as if we would be the only ones entitled to the beach and the sea), but because of the summer it’s also very lively. There are all kinds of activities.

Today we encountered a big group of women mimicking a handsome man in the front. They were moving on music and ended their workout with stretching. In the burning sun, that was still hot at 6.30 pm.

Our observation: it was peculiar that apart from the little boy in the front, the group consisted solely of women. Hmmm. Do Spanish men not exercise? Are they shy showing their big bellies? Were they still in the water cooling down and chatting with their friends?

We just don’t know.