My Collages in September 2022

I gave myself a challenge, an assignment to make a daily collage. It can be a reflection of the day or just random. These are my collages and assemblages in September.

my collages in September: 032


Collage September 033

033/365. I have some acrylic paint that I bought in 1979 and that is still in perfect order!

Collage September 034

034/365. Printed paper in different patterns.

Collage September 035

035/365. Animal prints.

Collage September 036

036/365. Neon.

Collage September 037

037/365. Animal farm.

Collage September 038


Collage September 039

039/365. We celebrated my birthday this morning. The pastry was fine. Still, I sometimes long for the nougatine pastries we had in the Netherlands. 😋

Collage September 040

040/365. The summer holidays are over, the school started.

Collage September 041


Collage September 042

042/365. Does mail from the tax office have a specific colour in your country?

Collage September 043


Collage September 044


Collage September 045


Collage September 046

046/365. You’ve got mail.

Collage September 047


Collage September 048


Collage September 049

049/365. Planning and packing. 🧳

Collage September 050

050/365. We were just in time in Madrid to see the soccer training of the grandkids. ⚽️

Collage September 051

051/365. Highly recommended: Parque Juan Carlos I in Madrid. Trees and plants, monumental art, architecture, sports facilities, picnic tables, and children’s playgrounds.

Collage September 052

052/365. Beach collage.

Collage September 053

053/365. Not a collage I made this time but a collage I saw in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. A work made by Robert Rauschenberg.

Collage September 054

054/365. Busy day. Centro Botin with a Juan Muñoz exhibition.
And part of Photo España. Unfortunately, one location we visited was closed for some reason. The other one had beautiful pictures.

Collage September 055

055/365. We are camping under an oak tree 🌳

Collage September 056

056/365. We got hiking maps at the tourist office and walked one of the routes. 🥾 🥾

Collage September 057

057/365. We did a very satisfying hike this morning. #12000steps

Collage September 058

058/365. Assemblage, made during the break in our hike.

Collage September 059

059/365. We booked a few more days in the cabin. Lots of hiking possibilities. An educational and ecological farm next door.

Collage September 060

060/365. After a day full of rain 🌧, the sun ⛅️ showed itself occasionally.

Collage September 061

061/365. I don’t like pickpockets. 🙁 Unfortunately, our backpack was stolen in Porto.

Not just collages in September

For part of this month, we were on a trip and I had no stuff to make glue-and-paper collages. Instead, I made assemblages and digital Canva-collages.

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