2017.12.22 Empadronamiento

They did warn us [6]

Today it was again a beautiful sunny day. Although a bit windy as you can see on this picture. The young guy tried to fly up to his colleagues. He didn’t succeed. Neither did we, trying to get a NIE-number in Spain for the umptiest time. We went to the Policia Nacional (the National Police) in Motril. They were not yet in the Christmas mode. But, they came close. They were very friendly, but ‘no’, we had to make an appointment and sent us away with a web-address.

On our way back we visited the ayuntamiento (the municipal government) in Almuñécar in an attempt to obtain an empadronamiento. ‘To register’, said the very kind civil servant (who spoke fluent English, by the way) on the third floor of the town hall, ‘I am the right person. But do you have a rental contract of the place where you stay? No contract, no empadronamiento.’ Although he preferred the word ‘register’, and with a fine sense of humor added: ‘We Spaniards have difficulty to pronounce empadronamiento.’ So again we left in vain, because we don’t have a rental contract. Moreover, he told us that we could also register at the town hall of La Herradura.

In the end we came home with ten mandarins, twenty sugarless cookies and some lactose free desert. These you can buy in Almuñécar without an empadronamiento or a NIE-number. Lucky for us.


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  1. I can’t help but thinking you were very lucky today! You have talked to people who clearly knew what you want and how to get it…..Just not today😉 maybe next week!


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