2018.02.05 We do all the work

In Spain they use a very simple system to collect garbage. We do all the work. At home we separate four (4) different types of garbage: plastic, paper, glass and the rest. Most garbage we collect comes from the stuff we buy at the supermarket.

Once a week we carry the separated garbage to the street. If we’re lucky at a walking distance we find four coloured large containers: yellow (for plastic), blue (for paper), green (for glass; see the picture) and black (for all the garbage we don’t want to separate). Sometimes there is also a container for organic waste.

When the containers are emptied and by whom, I don’t know. I never actually saw it. The newspapers sometimes report about the ‘mountain’ of garbage. And that we will all be squashed underneath. Nobody seems to come up with a solution. Perhaps its a suggestion to compel the supermarkets to take in return all the garbage people take out?


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